For over 20 years, the professionals of Full Steam Pressure washing have provided high quality cleaning solutions for Californians and their businesses.


Full Steam Pressure Washing was founded on the ability to provide powerful, efficient and consistent solutions to its customers. Setting the benchmark and exceeding customer expectations has allowed Full Steam to remain an industry leader in pressure washing services. The dedication to delivering quality, consistent services is apparent through the professionalism and care for each individual customer's needs.


Eco-friendly, for a better tomorrow

Full Steam Pressure Washing is proud to call California home, and as so treats it as such. Now more than ever, there is great emphasis on reducing environmental impact and preserving California's natural resources, especially water. Full Steam takes all necessary precautions to keep the customer and the environment in mind. Full Steam believes that environmental responsibility isn't a choice, it's a duty. Keeping California clean, from sidewalks to streams is an honor that Full steam upholds, using innovative methods to eliminate water waste and remove pollutants.

Biodegradable Detergents
Through careful use of biodegradable detergents free of caustic or toxic materials, Full Steam is able to clean thoroughly without harming the environment.

Advanced Water Filtration/Reclamation
During the cleaning process, Full Steam is able to capture, filter and re-purpose the used water, allowing for drought friendly water recycling and discharge on-site.